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Reviewing books is a sacred trust that Diane regards with the utmost respect. Her purpose in reviewing is to draw attention to books of exceptional quality. As a result, her 5-star reviews are saved for the best of the best, but she supports many well-written books with 4 stars. 


Diane's criteria for rating books:

•5 = unique, special, completely engaging, superb writing, unforgettable

•4 = good writing, interesting characters, intriguing plot

•3 = adequately written, but with some noticeable flaws

•2 = poorly written, major flaws

•1 = could not finish it


Diane has read historical romance almost exclusively her since junior high school. She began actively reviewing historical romance novels in 2013. At first she reviewed for Dani Gorman's Ramblings From This Chick blog. It's a great romance review blog that you should definitely check out. (Thank you, Dani, for the opportunity to become a serious reviewer!)


Diane is focusing on reading and reviewing award-winning or award-nominated romances in order to assess the unique qualities of the most recognized romance novels. Reading some of the "oldies" has been a unique pleasure.

Diane is now a regular reviewer for the Novels Alive review site:

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